Chennai Express

Ever wondered how DDLJ would’ve turned out had Rohit Shetty been the director? If, like me, you’ve watched Chennai Express, you already got your answer. A few other customary observations:

  • Not the best way to showcase the Nokia Lumia 920 – they could’ve at least shown the colourful versions. Moreover, the price alert by SRK is not going to age well.
  • If you were wondering why Deepika Padukone looks malnourished in the movie, you get your answer soon after the interval in 300 steps.
  • Quite a long time since SRK got beaten up this bloodily in a movie climax. Reminded me of Baazigar & the likes (DDLJ too of course). Looks like he has done many of the stunts himself too. He does come out with a really clean white shirt at the end of it all though.
  • The Tamil dialogues made me quite nostalgic of the ten years I spent in Chennai, and possibly explains why a lot of the non-Tamil speaking audience had a tough time with the movie.
  • The songs are distributed really unevenly with just one in the first half. They also seem to have used some of the Gangnam Style music in the title song.
  • It’s not really that bad a movie as many people have made it out to be. The SRK factor probably had a large hand in shaping that opinion. Anyway, the worst movie (that I’ve watch) benchmark for me remains Tees Maar Khan.