Watched the movie a few weeks back with my family and what I took offense with is with the opening scene where not only is Sooryavanshi’s father using a colour monitor in 1993 in India, but it seems to be running Windows 9x (likely Windows XP with the silver theme going by the 3D taskbar look and green start button).

Digital India in 1993

As for the rest of the movie, it is typical Rohit Shetty affair, so expectations were set accordingly.

Chennai Express

Ever wondered how DDLJ would’ve turned out had Rohit Shetty been the director? If, like me, you’ve watched Chennai Express, you already got your answer. A few other customary observations:

  • Not the best way to showcase the Nokia Lumia 920 – they could’ve at least shown the colourful versions. Moreover, the price alert by SRK is not going to age well.
  • If you were wondering why Deepika Padukone looks malnourished in the movie, you get your answer soon after the interval in 300 steps.
  • Quite a long time since SRK got beaten up this bloodily in a movie climax. Reminded me of Baazigar & the likes (DDLJ too of course). Looks like he has done many of the stunts himself too. He does come out with a really clean white shirt at the end of it all though.
  • The Tamil dialogues made me quite nostalgic of the ten years I spent in Chennai, and possibly explains why a lot of the non-Tamil speaking audience had a tough time with the movie.
  • The songs are distributed really unevenly with just one in the first half. They also seem to have used some of the Gangnam Style music in the title song.
  • It’s not really that bad a movie as many people have made it out to be. The SRK factor probably had a large hand in shaping that opinion. Anyway, the worst movie (that I’ve watch) benchmark for me remains Tees Maar Khan.

    Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

    Finally watched the movie, and here are the customary thoughts:
    – Too bad the director and editors didn’t trim the movie length. They should’ve made it closer to Milkha’s 400m dash rather than a marathon.
    – Farhan Akhtar has sure put in some effort, and awards are guaranteed for his performance.
    – A couple of anachronisms that I noticed – the modern ceiling fan in the opening scene with Nehru and the Ambassador with a plastic bumper in the Indian contingent that goes to Pakistan.
    – They had to put in the “Are you relaxing?” joke into the movie.
    – The world record breaking effort is sort of ambiguous as the record was apparently bettered before he got 45.8s.
    – Nice songs to round off the commercial flavour.
    – Last but not the least, who cares if we didn’t get an Olympic medal as long as we managed to defeat a Pakistani. That formula has served the Indian cricket team quite well in the World Cups after all.

    Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani: Tech portrayal gets accurate

    A few quick thoughts on the movie that I watched last Friday:
    – Canon is really going all out in India given the number of photographers portrayed in recent movies, and all use Canon gear obviously
    – Nice touch (intentional or not) with the Windows XP PC and Internet Explorer 6 being used by Deepika Padukone in the flashback, plus no smartphones either
    – The present day of course has our hero Ranbir Kapoor using a MacBook, plus smartphones in the hands of the entire gang
    – The MacBook did seem to be a tad outdated though with an older version of iTunes, but it did have Firefox installed
    – The movie plot itself was pretty staple stuff as numerous reviews have noted, and Bollywood ladies as usual are a lot less sensitive to the cold as evident from their attire in the freezing Manali weather