Just remember that it doesn’t come with Wolverine’s super healing powers…


big wulv

Hello! Welcome to this week’s edition of “Things You Really Probably Shouldn’t Do At Home! Seriously.”

Armed with a pinch of ingenuity and a heaping fistful of insanity, garage inventor Colin Furze has recreated Wolverine’s signature claws. They extend! They retract! They… look incredibly dangerous!

Others have taken a stab at this sort of project before, but all of those I’ve seen only do one half of the equation: the claw extension. Once the claws came out, they had to be manually set back in place. Weaaaak.

With the help of a super clever compressed air system, Furze’s claws are able to extend and retract on command. Sure, he needs to wear a big ol’ backpack to make it all work — but besides swappin’ out your skeleton for one with a bit more adamantium, this is probably about as close as you can get to the real…

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