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  • Portal for medication adherence that seems to work

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  • “The innovative iBGStar is the first available blood glucose meter that seamlessly connects to the iPhone and iPod touch allowing you to view and analyse accurate, reliable information in ‘real time’. Using the technology built into your iPhone or iPod touch, you can share this information with your healthcare professional while on-the-go, to help you make better-informed diabetes-related decisions together.”

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  • “A modular phone could, in essence, make it possible to completely remove those peripheral devices reliance on indirect connections and be directly incorporated into the phone itself. For example, I have created a mockup of a modular piece that could measure EKG’s. Taking, for example, the currently available product AliveCor, it could be transformed into a module that could directly connect to the phone, therefore bypassing the need of an external battery source and feeding data directly into the phone itself.”

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  • “The AliveCor System gives you the freedom to easily track your cardiac rhythms whenever you want and receive a detailed report at anytime. This enables you to engage with your doctor between appointments.
    The Heart Monitor leverages your smartphone to record, display, store and transfer your ECG through the AliveECG application.”

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  • A pharmacist’s view

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    • First, we need to prove that apps can actually modify patients’ adherence to apps through research and identify which patients will benefit the most.
    • address privacy concerns about the tracking of patient information and ensure that there will be no negative repercussions for the reporting of non-adherence
    • address issues outside of unintentional non-adherence
  • Nice list of apps

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  • No results to truly validate the effectiveness, but great potential for both pharmacists & pharma companies for top-line growth. Also, a way to capture prescription data. Chemist side kiosks to facilitate such a service might help uptake.

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  • Interesting concept for gamifying the medication adherence

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  • Interesting stats

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  • A competition to follow

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  • The Scout is here, and is going to be a very interesting self diagnosis tool.

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  • “The app, called BlueStar, helps people with Type 2 diabetes (the most common kind) by suggesting, in real time, when to test their blood sugar and how to control it by varying medication, food, and exercise. That it requires a physician’s prescription is actually an advantage, because it means insurance companies will reimburse BlueStar’s fee.”

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  • An interesting way to think about the health cloud:
    “The more I thought about it, the more I decided a Facebook timeline approach could be just what medical records need.”

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  • There are actually 2 scenarios described here:
    1. An interaction tool for the doctors & sales force, for which larger devices like the iPad are a good fit
    2. A diagnostic tool that tracks the behaviour and symptoms of the patient and thus needs to be with the patient most of the time, and for this, smaller devices like smartphones with dedicated motion sensors\processors are the way to go

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    • But physicians don’t want pretty pictures; they want help — ways to improve how they practice medicine, the efficiency of how they treat patients, and how they can affect outcomes. And the iPad is not just a visual medium; it is an  interactive medium — and interactive in more than just the ability to touch different arrows to see different pictures. The confluence of these two facts offers pharmaceutical marketers what may be their greatest opportunity of the digital age: the opportunity to offer tools that use the full capacity of the iPad to help physicians do their jobs, and help patients stay healthy.
    • physicians could use the iPad’s motion sensitivity to test against a measurable range of scores; with sufficient participation over time, this approach could transform the way Parkinson’s, or other movement-disorder related diseases, is categorized within the medical community.
      • Smaller devices like smartphones, particularly the iPhone 5S & Moto X with their dedicated motion processors might be a better fit for such use cases
    • The iPad in the hands of a patient offers the capacity to quantify disease progression to a level of detail that even the most impressive device in any physician’s office cannot match, since it can be in the patient’s hand at any time.
      • Again, a smartphone would be a better fit
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      • Quite a list of celebrities who overcame the disease
    • Saurav Ganguly – Former captain of Team India Cricket
      • Ian Botham – Former captain of England Cricket Team
      • Jackey Joyner Kersey – Athlete
      • Dr. Rajendra Prasad – First President of India
      • Indira Gandhi – Former Prime Minister of India
      • John F Kennedy – Former President of America
      • Amitav Bachhan – Actor
      • Sharon stone – Actress
      • Kenny G – Musician
      • Charles Dickens – Novelist
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    • Dr. Bose gave a list of prominent personalities who are “winners over asthma’ and that list includes names like Saurav Ganguly and Ian Botham (cricketers), Babu Rajendra Prasad (first President of the country), John F. Kennedy (former American President), Amitabh Bachchan (actor), Elizabeth Taylor and Sharon Stone (actresses), Charles Dickens (author) and Indira Gandhi (former Prime Minister).
  • Bookmyshow for doctors

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    • a majority of clouds are expected to crop as private entities and not as   publically owned ones. Almost all mid sized hosiptals (31-100 beds) and large   ones (101 and above beds) are expected to opt for private cloud and build and   maintain it in-house.
      • Pharma companies will have to interface with the hospital clouds eventually
    • For even the mid-sized hospitals, IT often means standalone PCs that   are used for maintaining inventory records, patient check in and bill clearance.   The systems lack in intergration. Also, most of the hospitals in India lack   the idea of business intelligence as of now, and business applications for hospitals,   like a hosiptal information management system, are just beginning to gain ground.
    • bets are high on the in-premise private   clouds. That is where, healthcare as a vertical is deviating from the trend.   While some verticals like manufacturing are comfortable with public clouds,   others like BFSI are opting for private clouds in service provider’s data centers.
    • Compliance is the other big factor that is fuelling demand for private cloud.
    • One of the biggest   in this is the privacy of patients and confidentiality of clinical investigations.   These naturally prompt the healthcare sector to prefer the private clouds.
    • However, over and above these issues lies the biggest reason   for healthcare CIOs opting for a private cloud.- ‘Security’. Healthcare deals   with very sensitive patient data, and data security is one of the paramount   concerns of any healthcare service provider.
    • A few mid-sized healthcare   service providers are putting their non-critical applications like HR, workloads,   emails and back-end office automation stuff onto the public cloud.
    • What we could also see in the future is that a consortium of healthcare service   providers like dentists, cardiologists etc who are often a very well-knit community   joining hands to go on a private or public cloud.
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    • The Asthalin pump with medication is always kept handy.

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