How to change your airtel corporate mobile plan

I have a corporate airtel postpaid mobile connection and the plan was not very cost effective for my usage pattern. However, trying to change the plan by giving a call to their 121 call centre was of no use as the support staff seemed to lack the access to change corporate plans (in fact they didn’t even seem to have proper visibility to my eligible corporate plans). In fact, the phone support told me to visit an airtel relationship centre for a plan change. The website wasn’t of much help either as corporate plans can’t be switched online, and the airtel website is seriously lacking in any kind of details on postpaid corporate plans.

Email was a different story, and their response time is pretty phenomenal with replies coming in within 4-5 hours even on weekends and nights. And this was the route that ultimately got me success. So here go the steps:

  1. Log on to the airtel account management site (if you know your registered email ID, jump to step 3).
  2. Check your email address under the personal information section and update if not active (you can also sign up for an ebill under the bills section).
  3. Send a mail to from your registered email address with the name of the plan you want to switch to, and your mobile number as the subject. In case you are not sure of the plans you can switch to, drop them an email first asking for the available plans. Word of advice: keep your message short, simple and to the point.
  4. You should receive a confirmation mail and voila, you’re done!

If you are curious on the plan I got, it was the Alive Net CUG 375 Combo Plan with 600 minutes of local & STD talktime and 1 GB of 3G data as part of the package. There are similar combo plans available that are tuned for local usage if you are interested, and they are quite economical when compared to your usual subscription of a call plan with a separate data plan.


12 thoughts on “How to change your airtel corporate mobile plan

  1. I was trying to get this done and I reached out Dr Google and he prescribed your blog. Nice Blog AB, Didnt know it was you! I had to re-confirm if it was actually you!!

  2. Hi,
    I am Airtel corporate user (Mumbai Cirle). Currently I am staying outside India. I want to keep my mobile number active as there are many places where we need to get OTP on this mobile number.
    Currently I have 149 CUG monthly rental plan this allows me to receive free SMS even outside India. Do you have any idea if there is any other plan which have less rental. So that I can keep my number active and continue using it outside India.

  3. Hi, I want to change my corparate number which was de activated 20 days back as i left the company, now i want to have the same number as my bank and others are linked with same mobile number. Kindly suggest me if i want that same number can i prebook the same number in my name??

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