[Quora] The Dark Knight Rises through the plot holes

Time for a revisit to the concluding part

Q: What was the biggest problem with The Dark Knight Rises?

Answer by Rohan Pawale:

Lack of attention to detail!

When bane leaves Gotham stock exchange it is broad daylight…

I mean BROAD daylight..

It is consistent until the bikes are about to enter the tunnel…

…and when the bikes come out on the other side of the tunnel it is pitch dark, like midnight.

There’s no way in hell that is possible unless the tunnel was 100 miles in length and it took them at least a couple of hours to traverse it, even if we assume that broad daylight could be maybe (5:30 pm) to give Nolan some creative solace.

TL;DR : It is day when you drive in the tunnel, and night when you drive out a few moments later, really? what is that, an eclipse or something?

Now consider this one :

When they receive information about miscreants living in the sewer they send the entire police force down the sewers (Excuse the pun) Which sane police administrator sends down the entire force to tackle one issue? aren’t there other issues to tackle in the city?

Now consider this one :

The police are trapped underground for 3 months. It would be fair to assume that they might have barely managed to survive by sharing whatever meager resources they had (specifically referring to food). When they finally come out of the trap, NONE of them looks frail physically or psychologically. They all bounce out like happy jumpy telly tubbies who have been well fed and given a spa treatment. Try working a 9-to-5 job and you will be walking like a zombie at the end of just one day. These policemen sat there, with no exercise for 3 months straight, and their limbs seem very supple and motor responses are crisp. The best part? None of them has grown a beard!

Yo, ssup bro? glad we made it out. Pleasant weather too. Wonder if my Netflix subscription has expired? Scars of captivity? Pffff..what’s that? We’re always defcon delta bro, come what may..

None of them seem to be fazed, concerned, affected by the fact that they had been captive for three months without sunlight, food or exercise.

That’s not all. The very next day they are fully rejuvenated to charge towards bane’s army as if they’re just out of the gym and have been rejuvenated by a nice protein shake. (also note that they run like hooligans, no formations no strategy nothing)

Yeaaa..run bro run, fuck all logic and run, we are getting paid to run…

Now consider this one :

When Gordon was awarded death by exile and the blokes were shivering and taking calculated steps so as to be careful not to step on thin ice and fall into the water, while our dude Batman just walks by *on it*, *towards them*, *from the other (unsafer) side of the ice* like it’s a cozy marathon walk. Then he proceeds to have a nice chat with Gordon while standing on the same ice.

Now consider this one :

Although he had found a successor in Robin, it seems counterproductive for Bruce to advertise to the people that ‘Batman’ had died with the explosion, because the core concept on which the inception of batman is based, and as repeatedly mentioned by Bruce in all the movies himself “Batman can be anyone, it is a symbol”, so why ‘kill’ the symbol and make a memorial to officially remind the people that Batman, who had been a symbol of hope until then, is officially gone?

Had the people not been made to believe that the persona ‘Batman’ had died in the explosion, they would have had a Robin AND a (new) Batman guarding Gotham in the future.

Now consider this one :

Bruce is officially declared dead with a memorial at a very public place (his mansion which was going to serve as an orphanage) and yet he sits in Italy with no attempt to conceal his identity. Plus, both Bruce and Batman are declared dead at the same time with public memorials, which is counterproductive to their mission to hide the identity of Batman. Although this does not directly link Batman to Bruce, but it makes the disguise less discreet.

I call BS on that one!

Now why do these seemingly minor details matter despite the fact that they don’t taint the core plot the way a plot inconsistency does? because these discrepancies get registered in the sub-conscious mind while watching the movie and make the plot seem less authentic. This hurts the overall movie experience more than an actual plot inconsistency which is subject to creative freedom.

This is a very big flaw in narration, movie or otherwise. The more of them you have the more the narration (plot) becomes difficult to believe on a sub-conscious level especially if you intend to narrate a fictional story where the audience already has a burdened obligation to assume a lot of conventions the way the director wants them to believe, which makes it all the more important to avoid the avoidable inconsistencies so as to not overburden the viewer’s mind with variables that don’t synchronize with each other. Otherwise the viewer comes out of the movie theater harboring a debate between his conscious and sub-conscious mind which looks like this :

Dafuq did we just see bro? Not sure bro…

As Bane would have put it : Once you have upvoted my answer, THEN you have my permission to mock Nolan!