Ek tha Tiger – mini review

Yes, I watched the movie – and don’t ask why:

  • The story is by Aditya Chopra, and there’s a DDLJ tribute(?) in the climax. Imagine the climax train sequence of DDLJ & replace the platform with an airfield, the train with a plane, SRK with Katrina Kaif, Amrish Puri with Ranvir Shorey & Kajol with Salman Khan. (yes, like for like)
  • Yes, that’s a tram that’s stopped by Salman in one of the action sequences. So, if you live in Kolkata or have been there, you know what I’m trying to convey (then again maybe not so bad)…
  • The Indian govt. probably had a stronger reason than the Pakistan to ban the movie, but they didn’t. If you are used to the Sunny Deol brand of spy games, prepare to be surprised.
  • And finally, I’m not sure what happened to the special anti missile tech that Salman was trying to protect. I can only assume that the hard disk with the RAW sealed the deal.

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