Interesting links for the week (weekly)

  • A useful price comparison portal, currently limited to mobiles, books & cameras

    tags: mobile india shopping pricing comparison

  • Quite a long list of Bollywood movies & their “inspiration”. Not every movie listed is such a big ripoff though

    tags: bollywood remakes inspiration movies hollywood

  • “Over their careers, full-time, full-year workers whose highest degree is a bachelor’s make 74 percent more, on average, than those whose highest attainment is a high-school diploma, the authors found. When those with more than a bachelor’s degree are included, the premium for higher education rises to 84 percent.”

    tags: education economics

  • Revisiting the competitive advantage concepts…
    “In business, I look for economic castles protected by
    unbreachable ‘moats’.”
    -Warren Buffett

    tags: Business strategy competition economics

  • Another piece on Android focusing on the business model:
    “Some will argue that the best product will win the market and that Apple will still dominate the smartphone market. The history of the personal computer market is no omen for this thesis. If you think about it, the people that know this better than anyone are the exact Apple loyalists who have been frustrated for years at Apple’s lack of dominance in the PC market. Disruptive business strategies can and have trumped better products. And with no change to the current market, the Android leveraged position in the market could result in staggering unit share gains. This is not to say that the Google Android is better than or as good as the Apple iPhone. The key point is that it does not have to be. It only needs to be dramatically better than the current feature phone. Which it is.”
    “With its disruptive and leveraged strategy, it is Google that is attempting to be the Microsoft of the smartphone market. Perhaps ironically, Apple is well positioned to be the “Apple” of the smartphone market.”

    tags: Google android iphone mobile Business strategy apple

  • Google is doing what Microsoft did, and in a very different way… “Android, as well as Chrome and Chrome OS for that matter, are not “products” in the classic business sense. They have no plan to become their own “economic castles.” Rather they are very expensive and very aggressive “moats,” funded by the height and magnitude of Google’s castle. Google’s aim is defensive not offensive. They are not trying to make a profit on Android or Chrome. They want to take any layer that lives between themselves and the consumer and make it free (or even less than free). Because these layers are basically software products with no variable costs, this is a very viable defensive strategy. In essence, they are not just building a moat; Google is also scorching the earth for 250 miles around the outside of the castle to ensure no one can approach it. And best I can tell, they are doing a damn good job of it.”

    tags: Google android Business strategy

  • So, a landmark case that wasn’t
    “Needless to say, despite Twitter clearly doing all it can to help maintain the privacy of its users, maybe it’s time we all reviewed & reconsidered the TOS of some of our most used services, particularly where anonymity is concerned.”

    tags: twitter privacy anonymity identity

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6 thoughts on “Interesting links for the week (weekly)

  1. is price comparision site for famous Indian online shopping sites.In this web site any one get various price list for one product from famous online shopping sites in one page.So if you want to know best price of your product then go to this site.

  2. Try I’ve been using this for couple of months for my recent purchases. I got latest offers and updated prices. Not only the UI is great but expert opinions are also something that I liked. Only thing is experts take time to revert and you may have to wait for almost a day or two sometimes.

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