links for 2009-12-18

2 thoughts on “links for 2009-12-18

  1. Re: Official Google Blog: Go thataway: Google Maps India learns to navigate like a local

    We would like to let the world know that we (RouteGuru) pioneered this innovation back in 2007 (

    Please visit for a technology demonstration (live for Delhi area).

    We use Google Maps API to (and only to) display our route on a graphical map.

    We also claim that our landmark-based directions technology is better than Google’s. Compare for yourself for any pair of locations in Delhi-NCR.

    But thanks to Google, global markets are opening up to this age-old concept now. Indeed, we have started receiving interest in our technology from markets that were foreign to us till now.

    Co-founder, CEO, RouteGuru
    (Avinash at RouteGuru dot com)

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