links for 2009-12-09

  • Strange case of Northern lights it seems. Interesting phenomenon nonetheless. A few photographs & videos accompany the post.
    (tags: nature light sky)
  • Interesting list covering a gamut of villains like Skeletor, Shredder & Bluto. Mostly old cartoons though.
  • Something doesn't seem right here, especially if this was supposed to have been a co-branding exercise:
    "So far, there are over 35 pages of people posting about why EA released Pandemic Studios' final game, Saboteur, to first the EU on December 4th and then, after knowing full well it did not work properly, to the Americas on December 8th. They have been promising to work on a patch that is apparently now in the QA stage of testing. It is not a small bug; rather, if you have an ATI video card and either Windows 7 or Windows Vista, the majority (90%) of users have the game crash after the title screen. Since the marketshare for ATI is nearly equal to that of Nvidia, and the ATI logo is adorning the front page of the Saboteur website, it seems like quite a large mistake to release the game in its current state."
    (tags: games bugs ati ea)
  • Not exactly a work of perfection. A really long list. Not to mention the ability of people to distinguish between a sheep & goat's bleat – 'Audio/visual unsynchronized: When the goat is offered to the T-Rex, you hear the bleating sound of a sheep as opposed to a goat's bleating sound.'
    (tags: movies goofs)

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