Another year, another shift

And another round of classes begin in SJMSOM. In fact, they began last week itself (22nd July). This semester is filled with elective courses, and I’ve opted for Systems, Marketing and General Management courses. I’m also doing the Photo Communication course offered by the IDC, and it should be a useful learning. We’ve also kick-started our club sessions this week with experience sharing sessions from my batch. SOM11 has also joined, and they outnumbered my batch by almost a score. In fact the freshers’ party is scheduled this Sunday.

As for the shift that I mentioned, it was the hostel shift. The entire SOM senior batch was transferred from Hostel-1 to Hostel-13. So, all of us now have single rooms. I was one of the few to have enjoyed a single room in Hostel-1. This was due to a roof leak during the monsoons last year when my side of the roof started dripping and I moved out to another leak-free room. It is quite a coincidence that I once again ended up with a room closest to the bathroom. It does have its advantages I suppose. Hostel-13 is a pretty good place to be in though it is at the fag end of the campus. The bus passes come in handy over here and the mess (shared with Hostel-12) is also pretty good.

There are quite a few things lined up this semester other than the academics. We had the Finance and Marketing Continuum a couple of weeks ago. There’ll also be industry interaction sessions over the course of the semester along with the usual club meets. The big event will be AVENUES 09, our annual fest at the end of October. As of now, I’m helping out with the IT work and the IT event (HarIT). We’ve also started a twitter stream for our school that’s gaining traction gradually and we’re chalking out the policy and publicity strategy for it. It will definitely help us open up a new and more interactive channel for both the SJMSOM members and the external world. Let’s see how that goes.

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