Filling in the gaps

This post marks the end of my longest gap in posting to my blog since I started it. So, what have I been doing in this period? Well, for one, I was really busy organizing the Systems Continuum 2009 (one part of the rolling seminar series of SJMSOM). In addition to this, there was the usual academic loads. I am also part of my school’s IT team. So, its been pretty busy over the last 3 months :-).

I have quite a lot of posts in the pipeline & here’s a list of those that I’m planning (I’ll link to them as I complete):

  • Stock market game on Rails – A game I’d developed for our cultural fest (made it open source on rubyforge)
  • Follow-up on University 2.0 – I took a session in one of our Systems club meetings
  • Experiences using Google Sites & Apps
  • Experiences from Continuum 2009
  • Online toolkit for college goers – similar to the college goer’s freeware toolkit

That’s a fair number of posts, so let me get started on them.

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