Ah! browser… Ugh! browser


Is Prism really an evolutionary step?

3 thoughts on “Ah! browser… Ugh! browser

  1. Is Prism really aiming at what you’re suggesting? Is it really the next step from tabbed browsing? I’m not convinced. I thought it was about running sites / scripts offline? Maybe I misunderstand.

  2. Hi Andy. I was primarily referring to the standalone installation of Prism, which is nothing more than a browser without any menus and toolbars. I don’t think that this delivers much value to the end user, especially considering the fact that Firefox 3 is going to have support for offline applications, and setting up Google Gears for Prism/XULRunner is not very straight forward.
    However, XULRunner as a platform will be quite useful to a developer to deliver offline web apps. The latest Flickr uploader tool is a good example of this.

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