Extension compatibility status for Firefox 3

I was thinking about compiling my list for the compatibility status of extensions for Firefox 3, but it looks like the folks at lifehacker have already found a couple of sites that do the same:

Here’s 20 add-ons that are Firefox 3-compatible, and seven that aren’t yet.

Compatible ones (as on 28/5/2008 ) include Adblock plus, flashgot, StumbleUpon, Mouse Gestures among others, while some like Tab Mix Plus and Firebug are not compatible yet. There are some extensions missing from the lists though, like Greasemonkey and del.icio.us, so here’s my table for their status:

Extension name Status Notes
Greasemonkey Compatible works with hack* (current release is compatible with FF3 betas, but not RC1)
del.icio.us bookmarks Compatible beta version FF3 compatible,
older version works with hack*
Google Gears Compatible  
DownThemAll! Compatible  
IE View Lite Compatible  
MR Tech Local Install Compatible works with hack* Now (20/6/2008) known as MR Tech Toolkit
PDF download Compatible  
Foxmarks Compatible Just updated on 27/5/2008
Tab Mix Plus Incompatible Developer version compatible with Firefox 3 available

* – these extensions work using the extensions.checkCompatibility=false hack

One of the things I have noticed is that incompatible extensions that use the password manager in Firefox do not work properly even with the hack. This is likely due to the change in the password management system in Firefox 3.

Update: I thought such a list would make a good addition to wikipedia, and I have added a section on extension compatibility to the List of Firefox extensions page. I’ve added the some of the extensions listed above for the time being. Hope others add to it :).

Update (18/6/08): Updated compatibility status for Greasemonkey and Gears. Added Tab Mix Plus status.

Update (20/6/08): Updated compatibility status for MR Tech.

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