Some discoveries on the way to the WordPress domain upgrade

I came across a few useful features in the FAQs while researching the domain upgrade/mapping functionality. One is related to embedding content (digg, videos) to a post, and another related to the filtering of the site feed.

Embedding stuff has a pretty strict policy against scripts and objects in a blog, and due to this not many widgets can be embedded in a post or in the sidebar. However, certain items can be embedded by making use of special tags.

One of this is the digg widget, for which the post needs to be submitted on digg first to get the corresponding URL. I gave it a try using the most popular post on my site currently, and it seems to work as shown. Just add , where <URL> is the link obtained from digg. The only drawback seems to be that I had to digg my own post – not something I’d fancy doing on a regular basis.

There are also other tags that allow you to embed videos (youtube, Google video,, but I haven’t tried them out yet. However, I’ve seen many people embed videos on their blogs, so I suppose the feature works fine.

Category feeds

The Lifehacker feed has a feature using which you can subscribe only to certain tags, or exclude certain tags. offers a similar feature albeit only for category inclusion. For example, the feed corresponding to the bookmarks category for my blog can be accessed using This can be useful when subscribers want to filter the content right at the feed level, though the support for the exclude feature would have been quite useful too.

3 thoughts on “Some discoveries on the way to the WordPress domain upgrade

  1. You can embed Viddler videos, too, but I don’t think this is well-documented. Personally I really like the way embeds work, although I admit that the lack of scripts and other embedding methods is annoying.

  2. Hi Andy. Thanks for dropping by. I am thinking of doing some video related posts and saw your review of the video service providers. Now that you mention that Viddler videos can be embedded here, I think I’ll give that a try in place of youtube or Google video.

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