Than vs then usage

This has been one question that has been striking my mind in recent times while going through various blogs and comments. The usage of “then” instead of “than” in many articles used to strike me as odd, but doing Google searches to clear up the grammatically correct usage didn’t turn up any results. However, I finally found an answer through a Lifehacker post which directs to a wikiHow page that clears up the issue. To put it simply, than is used to indicate comparison while then is to indicate time.

3 thoughts on “Than vs then usage

  1. Hi Aditya. Nice to meet you here on WordPress where I have my blog in English language as well. I actually discovered your blog through flickr.

    There are other words in English language I always have to look up to ensure I do not confuse them: worth vs. worse is one example coming to my mind at the moment.

  2. Hi Axel. Thanks for dropping by. English does have its oddities, and wikiHow does have a list of quite a few of those.

    So, you discovered my blog through flickr 🙂 – that does show the power of social networks/web 2.0.

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