Twitterment for twitter analytics

I came across the twitterment search engine/twitter statistical analysis tool through the Scobleizer blog entry on Google search history function. Twitterment and similar search engines can really develop into something big for advertisers and market analysts who’re studying current trends granted that twittering and similar social services remain popular.

I also tried out a search to find other twitter search engines, and came across a blog entry on the exact topic. The entry lists 4 search engines including twitterment along with a Google co-op search.

Personally, I am not into twittering, though I do have a twitter account. I even configured and tried out the twitter posting using gtalk, but didn’t really end up twittering much. It’s probably a case of the useless account syndrome, due to which I sign up for whatever service I come across. Then again, maybe I’ll start using it regularly sometime.

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