Get hooked to internet radio and save the music

There are numerous internet radio stations available today, & a wide variety of players to listen to them. However, in case you want to save the songs you’ve been listening to, then you have a problem. There’s no way to easily record the music easily, & store them in an organised manner. This is where Screamer-Radio comes in. It’s a very small program which allows you to listen to various radio stations, AND record them as separate tracks. It even adds the artist name & title to the files.

The program is under 1 MB, & it has several preset radio stations built in. In addition, you can add your own presets, play your own stations by providing the URL, & save your favourite stations too. The preset station links can also be updated if required. Coming to the main feature, i.e., recording, it lets you specify the folder where you want to save the files, & also the format of the names & tags. You can also specify the bit rate for the files recorded, & store non MP3 stations as MP3. The buffer size for recording & playback can also be specified.

Pros: The most useful feature will probably be the ability to split the music into multiple based on the broadcast information, i.e., if the station broadcasts the song artist & title, it automatically creates separate files based on these inputs. The other useful feature would be the ability to start recording a music piece from the middle & still get the whole piece. This is possible due to the recording buffer, thus giving you flexibility over what you want to record. It also supports recording the music as a single file, in case you wan to do so. It also has the option of specifying a proxy server, in case you use one.

Cons: There is no user interface to create your own presets, though you can add unlisted radio stations to the favourites. If you want to add your own presets, you have to edit the XML file which stores the information. Another quirk that I experienced while using this program was that it did not retain the favourites that were added from the preset stations. The information was being saved in the XML file, but if you restared the program, the entries were not being shown.

All in all, this program is very useful if you listen to internet radio, & have wanted some way to record the music easily.

Link: The program can be found here

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