FreeMind – Map your thoughts

FreeMind is a mind mapping software, i.e., it can be used to put down your thoughts in an organised manner. As a mind mapping software, it allows you to branch out your thoughts & connect them in a manner which seems fit to you. It also lets you to associate images & links with  different items. Basically, it enables you to lay down your thought in a manner which seems fit to you – pictorial/written/mixed.

In addition to creating your mind map, it also allows you to export the mind map into different formats – jpg, html, xhtml etc – which can prove to be quite useful if you intend to share your idea with others who do not have the software installed. It also has the facility of importing certain items like the MindManager file (a commercial mind mapping software), folder structures etc. The software is Java-based, & requires JRE 1.4 or higher to be installed on your machine.

You can use it for various purposes ranging from planning a project to organising your contacts. So, if you have wanted a utility which would let you to structure & lay down your thoughts in an easy to understand manner, give FreeMind a try.


FreeMind Home page

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