Two customer service tales

  1. A bus company that threatened to sue a witness of racial abuse by one of its drivers for speaking up online, but backed off once the going got tough and possibly managed to avoid the Streisand Effect.
  2. Nordstorm’s famous tyre returning story, a perfect opposite of the bus company, albeit an urban legend.

Being Reddit

The Truth About Reddit And That (Unnecessary) Apology | Commentary and analysis from Simon Dumenco – Advertising Age

Maybe I should start visiting Reddit more often and posting on my blog to drive page views. Then again it’s likely that I’ll pick up the chickpea farming stories:

And then an hour or two — or 12 or 24 — later, there’s a really good chance you’re going to see that popular Reddit post repurposed on Gawker or BuzzFeed. Well, the silly or controversial stuff, at least. (The random nerdy/newsy topical stuff that Redditors upvote — like last Wednesday’s front-pager about chickpea farming — tends to stay in the Redditverse.)