Lawyers & ethics – an Apple saga

In the high stakes patent games, trust no one, especially not the lawyers whether working for you or against you:

But the documents in the public record thus far may just be the tip of the iceberg, and big questions remain. Why didn’t Morgan Lewis—which knew the lawsuit was coming before it was filed—see an ethical problem in letting one of its partner invest in a patent troll, especially one specially designed to target one of the firm’s big clients? And how many other big-firm lawyers are entwined with “start-ups” that are actually holding companies, created to attack the very corporations they are supposed to be defending?

via Apple, betrayed by its own law firm | Ars Technica.

Joel on The Patent Protection Racket

How long before the trolls invade India (or have they already)?

Civilized people don’t pay up. They band together, and fight, and eliminate the problem. The EFF is launching a major initiative to reform the patent system. At Stack Exchange, we’re trying to help with Ask Patents, which will hopefully block a few bad patents before they get issued.

via The Patent Protection Racket – Joel on Software.