Some interesting .NET 3.0 prototypes from thirteen23

I was going through my feeds and came across the post “Killer Vista app demoed“. The post talks about apps being developed using .NET 3.0 and web services – specifically ones by thirteen23. I checked out the nostalgia prototype which is a browser for the flickr service.The interface looks quite nice, and allows you to login using your flickr id. If you choose to login, then the app downloads all your photos, and saves them locally (which is pretty useful in itself, though the resolution is quite low). It also allows you to launch photo editors, organize, tag and search photos. Not bad for a prototype.

There are also a few other prototypes available, which make use of other APIs, like cine.view for netflix. Some are available as downloads (like nostalgia) while others have to be launched directly from the browser.

IE7 & FF2 flaws being blown out of proportion

The blog post ยป Can we STOP with the sensational browser flaw reporting? Please!
gives a pretty good indicator of the way the relatively minor flaws in
the latest Internet Explorer 7 & Firefox 2.0 browsers are being
blown out of proportion. In fact, as per the links given by the author,
the older versions of the browsers have had several critical flaws
being reported, and these have pretty much gone by unnoticed.