Buy Things, Not Experiences #LinkBlog

Flipping the thought on its head

There’s a phrase going around that you should “buy experiences, not things.” People, it’s claimed, think that having a lot of stuff is what’s going to make them happy. But they’re mistaken.

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A Grand Unified Theory of Buying Stuff #LinkBlog

From the article:

Years ago, I asked a friend what kind of case she planned to buy for her shiny new flip phone. She paused, a little offended. “I don’t like to buy stuff for my stuff,” she said. Those words drilled directly into my hippocampus, never to depart. She’s right! I thought.

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Harken back to the late 1990s with this re-creation of the dialup Internet experience #LinkBlog

For the times when you get nostalgic about “the good old days”, just take a look at this video.

 It takes a full 3 minutes and 27 seconds to download an executable 120kb file for a simple software update. The whole video will make you grateful for all the technological advances over the last 20 years—especially for the comparatively vast amounts of bandwidth we enjoy today.

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