Blast from the past: Nokia, the N810 Tablet & the Long View

Long in the tooth, but gotta give some leeway, considering that this was written before the App Store debuted on iOS, and before Android (which incidentally is the Linux OS that ate Nokia’s lunch):

Contrast this war with Nokia’s handset, which is based on Linux. Nokia is building a platform that can run arbitrary software. It’ll be messy, and will go through several iterations. But in the end, we know how this story plays out: iPhone is Compuserve; Nokia is the Internet. (Google’s (GOOG) much-speculated mobile device is also rumored to run a pared-down Linux.)

via Nokia, the N810 Tablet & the Long View — Tech News and Analysis.

The Apple Story [contest version]

Slideshare is having a contest that’s on upto 15th June. I entered a modified version of my Apple Story presentation into the contest. Do check it out and vote for it (you will need a slideshare account for that) if you like it. It is primarily a presentation on Apple over the years in the form of pictures with a few additional words thrown in over the original. Also embedding it here (you need to go to the site to vote though).

First 100 dot coms to be registered

Just came across a list of the first 100 .coms to be registered via this blog post. IBM just missed out on the first 10. The list is comprised of the usual suspects, barring Microsoft (not surprising considering that the period is between early ’85 to late ’87). Here’s the top 15 from the list:

  2. BBN.COM
  4. MCC.COM
  5. DEC.COM
  8. SRI.COM
  9. HP.COM
  11. IBM.COM
  12. SUN.COM
  14. TI.COM
  15. ATT.COM