Quora: Why are Indian girls crazy about pani puri?

That’s one way to answer such a question.

Answer by Jaganathan Abhinav, Mediocre. Wants to marry Arya Stark (Follow up question to him would be: Does Arya Stark like pani puri?):

In the Mahabharata, as soon as Draupadi was married to the Pandava brothers, she was taken to their house. Kunti was worried that her daughter-in-law might create a rift amongst her sons by showing extra affection to one over the other. It was tough times and she also wanted to see whether this new bride would be able to successfully manage resources. So she decided to test her

Kunti gave her just enough dough (atta)  to make one puri and told her to satisfy the hunger of all five of her sons. There was also some left over potato masala from last night. It was then that the ingenious Draupadi invented Pani Puri. This also goes on to explain why every standard plate has 5 pieces. Kunti was so amazed with her daughter-in-law’s creativity that she blessed her dish with immortality.

Thus every Indian girl eating pani puri secretly wishes for a good husband and wants to show to the 5 men ogling her at a pani puri wala that she is more than capable of being a good wife..

Hope your intellect is satisfied. And on a more serious note, your intellect needs to get a life.

Don’t make fun of renowned Dan Brown

And don’t even think of laughing while reading:

The critics said his writing was clumsy, ungrammatical, repetitive and repetitive. They said it was full of unnecessary tautology. They said his prose was swamped in a sea of mixed metaphors. For some reason they found something funny in sentences such as “His eyes went white, like a shark about to attack.” They even say my books are packed with banal and superfluous description, thought the 5ft 9in man. He particularly hated it when they said his imagery was nonsensical. It made his insect eyes flash like a rocket.

via Don’t make fun of renowned Dan Brown – Telegraph.