[LinkBlog] The Largest Ever Analysis of Film Dialogue by Gender: 2,000 scripts, 25,000 actors, 4 million lines

A really cool study putting the gender imbalance anecdotes to the test. And yes, things are really imbalanced overall. E.g. Minions is a gender balanced movie and so is Terminator, but not Alien.

What’s a few hundred megapixels between shots

Kill the green screen maybe, but take datacentres to a different level:

The Lytro Cinema camera gathers a truly staggering amount of information on the world around it. The 755 RAW megapixel 40K resolution, 300 FPS camera takes in as much as 400 gigabytes per second of data.

Source: Lytro’s 755 megapixel Cinema light field camera is going to kill the green screen | TechCrunch