Xiaomi diversifies in India #MiFanFest

On the company’s 5th anniversary, they’ve announced additional partnerships with the 2 other Indian e-commerce heavy weights – Amazon & Snapdeal. The Amazon Xiaomi store is up and running with many products already looking sold out, while Snapdeal looks pretty much similar though the product listings don’t seem to be active at the moment. The Mi Pad is also back on sale after a hiatus on Flipkart. There are also a bunch of special offers today.

I’ve attended their 2 major launch events in MumbaiĀ for the Mi3 & Mi4 and the difference in scale between the two was palpable. Things are also getting tighter as other Chinese mobile OEMs have also followed in Xiaomi’s footsteps and setup similar exclusive deals and flash sales strategies as Xiaomi did with Flipkart. Exciting times for the consumers for sure.

What are the signs of an ultra smart person playing dumb?

Answer by Christopher Reiss:


               Michael Corleone (Character) from The Godfather (1972)

Stealth intellect has a slack expression, does not react, does not laugh, does not challenge, does not question.

It sits quietly, like a coiled snake, soaking up everyone and everything, until it makes a sudden move at the time of its choosing.  You don't want to be in the path of that strike.

What are the signs of an ultra smart person playing dumb?