The Road to Artifical Intelligence

Siri and Google Now are but a tiny drop in the ocean that is going to be AI. We’re quite a few years away, but we’ll get there eventually as hardware develops further and our understanding of the brain continues to grow:

But scientists aren’t just aiming for smaller. They’re trying to build machines that do things computer have never done before. No matter how sophisticated algorithms are, today’s machines can’t fetch your groceries or pick out a purse or a dress you might like. That requires a more advanced breed of image intelligence and an ability to store and recall pertinent information in a way that’s reminiscent of human attention and memory. If you can do that, the possibilities are almost endless.

via The Man Behind the Google Brain: Andrew Ng and the Quest for the New AI | Wired Enterprise |

Two customer service tales

  1. A bus company that threatened to sue a witness of racial abuse by one of its drivers for speaking up online, but backed off once the going got tough and possibly managed to avoid the Streisand Effect.
  2. Nordstorm’s famous tyre returning story, a perfect opposite of the bus company, albeit an urban legend.