Smartphones can read RFID credit cards through NFC

Such apps seem to have been around for quite some time – most are 1-2 years old (I don’t have an RFID card so couldn’t verify if these are the actual apps though). Wonder why the sudden interest:

Using a Samsung Galaxy SIII — one of the most popular smartphones available in Canada — and a free app downloaded from the Google Play store, CBC was able to read information such as a card number, expiry date and cardholder name simply by holding the smartphone over a debit or credit card.

Of course, the other side of the coin is that you can setup a Square like payment system without any additional attachments to the phone.

via Slashdot (some interesting comments in there)

Magic Camera Settings by Thom Hogan

Can’t get more concise than that I suppose:

The best, most concise instruction manual in the modern world comes on the back of shampoo bottles: lather, rinse, repeat. So here’s the camera manual equivalent: learn, experiment, control, repeat. Pick one feature or option to learn about, experiment with it to see what the range of things it does might be, figure out how you want to control it, then repeat the process.

via Magic Camera Settings by Thom Hogan.