Interplanetary Cessna

We could all be Superman on Titan, but we’d have to beat the cold first (72 K):

In fact, humans on Titan could fly by muscle power. A human in a hang glider could comfortably take off and cruise around powered by oversized swim-flipper boots—or even take off by flapping artificial wings. The power requirements are minimal—it would probably take no more effort than walking.

via xkcd – what if.

Google Play Movies finally in India

It launched last week in fact, but missed it somehow. Prices seem pretty competitive with the India iTunes store, though HD seems to be missing from many for now. Rental is also available for the latest movies including “The Hobbit”.

So, all we have to do now is wait for the Nexus 4 & Music on the Google front and iBooks from Apple.

Movies on Google Play.

How Fast is Your Smartphone/Tablet in PC GPU Terms

GPUs are definitely a step ahead of the CPUs, and they need to be given the kind of display resolutions in play on mobile devices. So, here we have a comprehensive benchmark of the mobile GPUs against desktop GPUs from 2004-2007:

Given that most of the ARM based CPU competitors tend to be a bit slower than Atom, you could estimate that any of the current crop of smartphones delivers CPU performance somewhere in the range of a notebook from 2003 – 2005. Not bad. But what about graphics performance?

At the end of the day I’d say it’s safe to assume the current crop of high-end ultra mobile devices can deliver GPU performance similar to that of mid to high-end GPUs from 2006.

AnandTech | The Great Equalizer 3: How Fast is Your Smartphone/Tablet in PC GPU Terms.

Joel on The Patent Protection Racket

How long before the trolls invade India (or have they already)?

Civilized people don’t pay up. They band together, and fight, and eliminate the problem. The EFF is launching a major initiative to reform the patent system. At Stack Exchange, we’re trying to help with Ask Patents, which will hopefully block a few bad patents before they get issued.

via The Patent Protection Racket – Joel on Software.