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Tradus vs. Shopclues – Which Is Better and Why?

This is a guest post by Himanshu & Rohit Agarwal of

Shopping online is a pleasure as it gives the shoppers an overwhelming range of products to choose from and for a price unimaginable. While people are getting used to the benefits of shopping online, promoters in online, try their best to attract customers to their stores. In the past, the idea of maintaining a store may not have been appealing to many. Now, you find the best academic minds along with the best business acumen enter the online world to conquer the hearts of customers. Every new online store competes not just with another new store but goes straight for the best in business with all its marketing tools. Hence, it is no wonder that Shopclues should try to get past Tradus, its senior by one year.

Entry Into Online World

Tradus entered online business in the year 2010. serves as a link between merchants and customers. It deals with a wide range of products, which includes apparels, jewellery, toys, mobiles, cameras, home décor and a lot more.

Shopclues was founded in the year 2011. Its collections include apparels, electronic appliances, jewellery, kids & toys, accessories and so on.

Range Of Products And Price– Tradus Leads But Not Impressively

Shopclues has a wide range of products but Tradus has the winning combination of excellent product range in various price ranges. An ideal place for a customer would be to find a variety of products offered for a reasonable amount. However, it has to be mentioned that there are times when many products in Tradus go out of stock. It either might create a feeling that the online store is not quick to replace sold products or is concerned to show an impressive image by projecting an increased number of products. If that aspect is well attended to, Tradus would score convincingly over Shopclues, which offers a variety of products for a discounted and low price.

Quality – Tradus Does Better

Where quality is concerned, Tradus shows a better performance. While the quality of apparels, accessories and a few other categories could be same in both the sites, Shopclues seems to be a bit low on electronic items.

Delivery – Below Expectations

Delivering on time is an important factor where online stores are concerned, as this is one of the reasons for people to favor direct shopping. During physical shopping, they pay and receive their products immediately. Most of the people hate to wait to have their stuff arrive, particularly if they have made payment in advance. Hence, to reach out to customers, it is essential to adhere to delivery promises. As far as delivery of products is concerned, both the sites have not seemed to be in the favored list of customers. Many people complaint about delay in delivery.

Customer Service – Is There One?

There is a pathetic display of customer service by both Tradus and Shopclues. In the world of internet, bad reviews reach faster. If a company does not mind about the reviews and still carry on in the way it seems fit, it could only be considered as poor show of service and total disregard for customers once the payment is received. This is one area where both the online stores should work and show that they do have a customer service wing and they are there to address the concerns of customers.

More Or Less The Same

Going by the reviews, we cannot just yet say that one store is better than the other online store. Tradus has more products but lots of out of stock products. Its quality is better. Otherwise, there is not much of a difference between both the sites. As far as Shopclues is concerned, it has to be said that it fares better in the reviews but the negative reviews say a lot about their performance and customer service. Since it is less than two years of age, we may hope that it sets right the problems and start performing better. It does give a tough fight in promotions and its Shopclues coupons offer great discounts like Tradus coupons. Tradus leads only marginally and being in the field for two years, it is high time it started showing improvement.