I Won a Samsung Galaxy S II – My Review | cek.log

From a WP7 user’s perspective (also don’t forget that he actually developed the WP7 platform). Not flattering at all.
“A typical non-geek consumer would be absolutely-fraking-crazy to pick an Android phone over a Windows Phone. Windows Phone is vastly more refined, cohesive, and easy to use. Period.
People who enjoy “managing” their phone might enjoy “managing” their Android smartphone. Those folks will probably forget how much fun “managing” a smartphone was after they’ve used Windows Phone for a while. Instead they’ll see how much fun it is to “use” a smartphone.”

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[Updated] The rise and fall of personal computing | asymco

A very pertinent way to look at the shipment of true personal computing devices that includes tablets & smartphones. The traditional PC shipment is stagnating while the portable devices are seeing explosive growth. It is more of a case of market penetration & expansion rather than actual death of the traditional PC.

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