How to Land Your Kid in Therapy – Magazine – The Atlantic

Pretty interesting article on the pursuit of happiness – maybe we aren’t designed to feel happy all the time.
“Happiness doesn’t always make you feel happy.”
“Happiness as a byproduct of living your life is a great thing. But happiness as a goal is a recipe for disaster.”

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Ananym – Wikipedia

So there’s more than just ohm\mho:
“An ananym is a word whose spelling is derived by reversing the spelling of another word. It is therefore a special type of anagram.”

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Kindle Fire Usability Findings (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox)

Steve Jobs was onto something with the 10″ form factor for tablets, it seems. This study indicates how difficult it is to use regular (desktop versions) websites on a 7″ tablet. Even though the screen is much larger, the user experience is better with the mobile version of a site on a 7″ screen.

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