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  • Actually has 11 myths, but does explore pretty common ones and offers explanations for each

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  • Highlights the perils of android being an open platform with very little control over the hardware & end user experience. And it’s not just the users getting affected in this case.

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    • Platform fragmentation: It’s shorthand for saying that multiple devices — all boasting different internal components and screen sizes — are loaded with a wide variety of OS versions. In the world of Android phones, all this variance from device to device can cause problems for engineers who must perfectly match hardware builds to software builds. In the end, consumers are sometimes faced with hardware that doesn’t seem to work.
    • That means pushing out lots of updates to phones that may not be ready.
    • When another Android update is released the phone manufacturer must retool its custom UI in order to make the new OS work.
  • Makes for pretty sad reading for an OS that is supposed to be at version 4.0. Problems aplenty for both users & app developers.

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  • The article (by Dick Brass, a vice president at Microsoft from 1997 to 2004) is almost 2 years old, but just as relevant after the news of the demise of the Courier tablet. Also makes you wonder whether Microsoft’s strategy of focusing on software is becoming its Achilles heel.

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    • As the fellow who tried (and largely failed) to make tablet PCs and e-books happen at Microsoft a decade ago, I could say this is because the company placed too much faith in people like me.
    • Its marketing has been inept for years
    • When we were building the tablet PC in 2001, the vice president in charge of Office at the time decided he didn’t like the concept. The tablet required a stylus, and he much preferred keyboards to pens and thought our efforts doomed. To guarantee they were, he refused to modify the popular Office applications to work properly with the tablet. So if you wanted to enter a number into a spreadsheet or correct a word in an e-mail message, you had to write it in a special pop-up box, which then transferred the information to Office. Annoying, clumsy and slow.
    • Part of the problem is a historic preference to develop (highly profitable) software without undertaking (highly risky) hardware.
    • Timing has also been poor — too soon on Web TV, too late on iPods.
  • Nowhere close to the physical lending model yet…
    “Moreover, Amazon will restrict borrowers to one title at a time, one per month. Borrowers can keep a book for as long as they like, but when they borrow a new title, the previously borrowed book automatically disappears from their device.”

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  • Posts your public bookmarks on diigo to wordpress along with your description & tags.
    ifttt (If this then that) is a handy internet service that lets you mashup different online services and create tasks for them.

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  • Posts diigo bookmarks tagged with “forblog” (can be changed to other tags) to wordpress
    Also, if you are an internet poweruser, check out the ifttt service that allows you to mashup different online services ranging from facebook to flickr

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