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  • A comic strip spoofing the movie. I watched it today & here are my learnings:
    1. Directors should have their offices on the ground floor.
    2. Engineers are in serious need of a suicide hotline.
    3. Doctors should always carry a vacuum cleaner with them.
    4. If you are an MBA grad working abroad, then don't wait till mid to late 30s to get married, or else your bride may run away to Ladakh to ride a scooter.
    5. The Airtel network is better around a remote bridge up north than in the IITB campus & at home in Bangalore.
    6. Pencil wood is also flammable in high oxygen environments & so that's another factor to worry about –
    7. Going green may be good for the environment, but stay away from green chutneys if in a relationship.
  • 'I'm no career counselor but I do know that the job requirements of the Information Age have shifted the way people work and the responsibilities they assume in many undocumented ways.
    I don't think human resource departments are especially aware of this shift and, based on panels and sessions I've sat on or listened to, I'm very sure a lot of respected higher-education institutions don't understand it at all. Sadly, a lot of undergrad and graduate business school is still about professors selling the latest edition of their textbook.'

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