IE7 & FF2 flaws being blown out of proportion

The blog post ยป Can we STOP with the sensational browser flaw reporting? Please!
gives a pretty good indicator of the way the relatively minor flaws in
the latest Internet Explorer 7 & Firefox 2.0 browsers are being
blown out of proportion. In fact, as per the links given by the author,
the older versions of the browsers have had several critical flaws
being reported, and these have pretty much gone by unnoticed.

Neodymium in my headphones

Ever wondered what’s so special about speakers and headphones which proudly exhbit the fact that they have Neodymium? Well, I certainly have. First of all, what is Neodymium? It is a rare earth metal which is used for a variety of purposes like making magnets. That explains its presence in speakers & headphones. It turns out that Neodymium is used to make some of the strongest magnets. Also, looks like we have our share of Neodymium in computers too – its used in the hard drive head motors.

Encyclopaedia of cartoons and comics

Ever wondered when and how many of the popular cartoons and comic strips originated? The following site – Toonopedia – contains a lot of information about many a popular cartoon/comic strip along with some information on the persons behind them. Mel Blanc is one of them (in case you’re wondering who he is, he has voiced a majority of the Hanna-Barbera and Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies characters like Tweetie, Sylvester, Road Runner etc).