Alternative browsers – Maxthon

Strictly speaking, Maxthon may not be a browser by itself as it uses the Internet Explorer engine. However, for the people who are using IE as the primary browser, it is a very feasible alternative. It is probably both good & bad as it uses the IE engine, depending on one’s point of view. It can be looked upon as a pretty good replacement for IE itself, atleast till IE7 is released. Continue reading “Alternative browsers – Maxthon”

Alternative browsers – Firefox

Firefox seems to be emerging as the most popular alternate browser, especially after the release of version 1 around a year ago. The main reason seems to have been the delay in the release of the next IE version (& also the security flaws in IE), as a vast majority of the users are still using it. Now that version 1.5 has been released with the basic features being revamped & a number of small changes, its popularity should increase furthermore. However, there seems to be some stability issues with v1.5. Continue reading “Alternative browsers – Firefox”

Alternative browsers – Opera

Opera has been a useful alternative browser for quite some time. I have used it right from version 5.x. Now that it has become completely free (it had banner ads earlier), it can be looked upon as a handy browser. The biggest downside to using this browser is its problem with some sites (both display & functionality), & this prevents it from being used as the sole browser. Continue reading “Alternative browsers – Opera”